Unit 7 evaluation

For unit 7 I had to understand stop motion animation. To do this I began researching the processes for stop motion, looking up different ways stop motion is produced.

Looking up stop motion was rather interesting as I found a variety of videos that use this technique and artist, For example Honda paper animation, this was used to advertise the company in an intriguing way, catching the audience’s attention.

Researching Tim Burton as he is well known for his family cartoon stop motion movies. researching Honda and Tim burton made me think of how the artist reached out to the audience in an emotional way, due to this I interpreted this in to  my work, for example my life after death animation of the flower and fairy, this had a meaningful personal message behind the video, which is the equivalent to the Honda and Tim burton films. I think my stop motion ‘Life after death’ was well produced for my second example. I believe it took time as I had to draw the flower and fairy for every movement, if I worked faster I believe my stop motion would of been longer and had more of a story line to it. This idea came to me when I brain stormed the word ‘Spring’.

My first animation I did was with a fine line pain drawing another flower, I was happy with the outcome of the technique. Using the app stop motion studio was easier than expected but I believe my animation would have been better if my camera was stable in one place so my small movie didn’t shatter from the camera movement.

One other stop motion I did of a growing flower I found difficult as a drew the flower in sections in my sketch book. I struggled taking pictures I kept capturing parts of different sections of the stop motion. I would of done this better by measuring the paper accurately so I didn’t capture anything other than the main image.

as I didn’t keep up with the work set for the Unit 7 I did not end up doing the photo graph and observational drawing task. for this I had to take a picture of a flower or fruit every day for 3 weeks as well as drawing to illustrate the difference from the dying/ decaying fruit or flower. to finish the unit I will start the process of this technique for the full unit to be completed.



Over all evaluation

I could of read the brief more often to help me understand the project more but did not. This needs to become more of a habit to help understand the project and have a stronger outcome.
in this project i understood what i needed to do alot clearer than the last project as i paid more attention to my work and the task set. I also believe i could of done better by time keeping and doing the task step by step, being more organised. I think when it came to producing a final outcome i set myself enough time to develop ideas and create my final piece but not enough time to do the small task that help me get to the outcome.
I did not understand the Pass,Merit, distinction to the full extent as i didn’t fully identify the brief by looking back to see what was needed.

For primary research i developed my ideas and started to create sample pieces. Also i went to museums, stepped out of my comfort zone to try different techniques. I know i could of done more primary research such as looking in different museums and galleys, researching different objects relevant to my source.

I looked at secondary research such as videos of animation, different artist to get inspiration ect. I feel like i could of done better. But with the research i collected by artist such as Hepworth, Moore helped me design my final outcome by also looking back at the observational drawings in the museum. i tuck photos, searched the web, ask for peoples opinions and views.

I did not read the brief to check my progression. i did notice my progression by updating my blog, creating development and expanding my ideas. As i didn’t read through the brief thoroughly my work isn’t organised in the right units. For each units i knew the criteria but as my lacked time the outcome wasn’t strong enough to proceed.

throughout the project i planned what i wanted to do for my development and research by doing a next step list so i knew what was needed to do. I did primary and secondary research to expand my ideas and techniques, including artist design work. I did meaning annotation for example unit 7 animation ‘life and death’ i experimented with processes and media such as photo-grams, 3D problem solving and wire work. Doing this i created my final outcome using plaster inspired by my observational drawings, Hepworth and Moore research.

I asked for criticism off tutors and other tutors along with help, i could of done better by helping myself by putting more motive into my work. I listened to feedback from tutors and students, i feel the tutor feedback helped a lot more than the students as they understood what i was doing and hat was needed instead of just giving me a basic opinion.

I reviewed and refined my ideas to get my final outcome, doing this i got the best final outcome from the project by manipulating and changing my work.
i understand how to improve my grade by checking through thoroughly to keep the consistency. I annotated my work throughout each section to explain hat is it i have done.

I’m happy with my outcome, it holds great detail in what i was trying to evaluate and develop. But if i had the chance to improve my outcome i would do more plaster work pieces and experiment in the size.

When developing my outcome i looked back on the materials and techniques i used in a task that was set to carry through to my final project.

My lacked time organizing skills, not on my final outcome but for research and development. I believe this is due to my work load, i didn’t do enough at the right time so i needed to catch up.

I understood some processes carried out during the brief but as my time scale was to late i missed parts of the work i should of done. Due to this i recognized success an failures of the project so i’m able to identify what i need to do to achieve next time. Throughout my annotating i tried to use vocational language to explain my development and processes. This brief helped me make conclusions that i will carry through to the next brief such as time scale, development research.

For my presentation i made presentation boards to show my journey of development in a clear form and understanding. unfortunately i did not hand my work in on time due to the time scale and work load. Now i did this i have a clear understanding of time scale and work load to get the grade i ant to work towards. to do this i will look at the brief more often to understand what is needed so i leave nothing out.

Euan Uglow

British painter Euan Uglow, well known for his still life paintings such as one of his master pieces “nude” created in 1962. this beautiful piece shows the delicacy of a woman, she shows the fragile tonal colours contrastin with the shade how the woman is formed on the page. Uglow created beautiful yet simple line technique. Looking at his work he expands in all elements of techniques which creat stronger pieces of work. such as composition of visual elements and structure. The colour i his work is produced in a calm manner as well as it being bland and horizontal.

Uglow was very found of his oil paints as they created unique texture you can identify visually and through texture.

he created a peaceful atmosphere by using certain colours in his work.

Life drawing

For this task i did some beautiful life drawings of a nude woman who came into the college.

using different techniques throughout the process i created unique styles of the form and understood the structure of the body and how to draw the formal equally and from different angles.

This task it increased my skills due to working in a way i was new with and not as confidant. Doing so i created beautiful pieces i was really pleased with. i enjoyed the task set and how my development of understanding increased.

these are my designs from the task.

Changing the colour of the chork to create a different effect on the negative space.

For this sketch I use pencil, a reed with ink and a paint brush to create shade on areas of the body.

For this sketched the task set was to do continuous line drawing in graphite with a short amount of time. Looking at the sketch you can see the rushed sharp edges and swerls to create the shape of the curves on the body.  

Same process of the continuous line but with a delicate texture compared to the other process. As you can see I tried to catch the detail of the shade and tone of her body.

For this piece I overlapped the sketches as the process was to draw the structure of the body before the body moves to draw the next stance. This creates flowing movement on the paper. 

This sketch is rather interesting as i was told to do continuous line again, listening to my tutor I heard “draw inside the body” not understanding what she meant by that I did my own interpenetration of “draw whats inside the body. doing this i got a unique and interesting. 

When I started getting use to the structure of the models body I used water colours to create shade. Using the blue came out beautifully, also it gave them effect of warm areas on the body, even though blue is represented as a cold colour it works well as a shade.


Taking a visit to the Manchester museum I began taking pictures of still life objects to interpret into my 3D project. 

Looking at different animals and objects i began imagining 3D forms. Taking piece of the structure creating different effect and styles I can produce. 

Taking pictures of these I thought they’d be beautiful to draw, the texture, shape and structure of the shells stand out as there are a variety of colours.

Also looking at these objects made me expand my mind and creativity on my pattern design work.

This piece I found really interesting, a porcupine crab, this caught my eye with the beautiful sharp form its created and the sizes. I began to imagine drawing sections of the create to create an abstract piece.

Unfortunately I lost my observational studies of the objects in the mueum I found interesting. Luckily I found one I did of these fragile butterflies.

The reason I did studies of these is because of the long thick line and faded colour tone.

Doing my studies Identified butterfly , how the tone goes from start to light and how strong it’s compressed in the image. Also doing some small studies of just the outline of the butterfly in different angles and shapes to adjust my knowledge of 3D for example how to walk around the object in different angles. 

I love this pconstructs rams head, the shape how in constructs the texture of the long horns, it balances the mass of the length head compared to the horns

Identifying different parts of the ram I looked more in to detail of the eye, as it holds a strong curved structure above the eye as well as it holds the pattern of the bottom curve, it clashes together to create a beautiful shape. As well as the shape it creates a strong contrast with the bleeming eye ball inside both curves.

Looking fully at the mammal I began creating an imagine of its 3D form on 2D, due to this I used a technique of different waves of lines to create the effect of where the form folds, where it curves inwards and upwards producing the shape of the head.

Looking back at texture I found a variety of nest with different textures, styles and places they were made. I like the rough the smooth surfaces and the thickness they came in 

Doing a study in fine line pen gave effect of thickness and shade, shows the density of the object, where the texture create lumps.

Doing this task I really enjoyed gathering information and expanding my mind of identifying the formal elements. 

Tim Burton 

Timothy Walter also known as Tim Burton is an American film director, artist and animator. Best known for his dark, Gothic style films. 

Reason I chose to research Tim is due to his beautiful animation films, such as corpse bride, nightmare before Christmas made 1993. 

When it comes to animation Tim usually uses clay to produce his characters as they’re easy to move and gives it an unrealistic effect like a cartoon.

The reason I chose to research Tim is because of how different he is as an artist and animator. Producing unique styled films for a variety of audiences, children, family’s, alternative people. (Ect)

My first Movie

This animation I did with stop motion, this is the same technique as Wallace and gromit, taking a picture every time the image has changed to create the development. 

During this process I struggled with the development of changing the picture is small amounts to create the small video. Before getting the process right it tuck me four hours, not just focusing on this particular piece, I also created another stop motion of a flower with water paints. This animation wasn’t as good as this one done in paint as the standard of painting wasn’t high. 

I started out as the seed in soil, just using the soil to represent the flower not started to grow yet. 

In this picture the flower is starting to grow out if the soil.