Bruce Nauman

Born 1940’s Bruce Nauman is an American artist who’s practice broadens in photography, sculpture, neon and video making.

As Bruce works in 3D form as well as video you can see the change of style depending on what media he uses. Although his style may change he always articulates meaningful pieces of work.

Looking at his neon pieces i love how he uses erotic poses, sexual body parts and aggressive stances to construct the audience, making them wonder why he did it, the purpose of the work.

from the exhibition sex, death by murder and suicide in 1985 Bruce created this neon light of static imagery. As the images seen is rather inappropriate i like how he interpreter’s movement into the neon lights to create more of an effective image. This involves animation just like Duane Michals work, as Duane uses darker shades such as grays, black and white, Bruce uses colour on a black background to make the piece stand out, more of an eye catching, vivid imagery.

Image result for bruce nauman neon work

This video of his exhibition gives you an incite of the images in movement. Watching this video made me think of why he made this exhibition and what inspired him. Using colours such as red, green blues and pink gave me the impression it represents the emotion of the work. As colours can interpret emotion they fit well with the exhibition “sex, death by murder and suicide”.


One piece that intrigued me by Bruce is the “words don’t come easily”  looking at this piece it put his work into perspective, real events, emotions and situations of life, in a negative and positive way.

Nauman met the singer and performance artist Meredith Monk in 1968. Description from I searched for this on



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