Duane Michals

born in 1930’s  American photographer Duane Michals creates narratives within a series, blending image with text in a format similar to cinematic sequences. Duane uses photographs to explain his self experiences, catches the moment in a photo to remember the experience in personal depth.  His first solo exhibition was held at The Museum of Modern Art in New York, in 1970.

i love how Duane uses photography to explain a situation. Looking at  The Fallen Angel made it 1968 is really emotionally effective, clearly seeing the story illustrated makes the audience think in depth about the story behind the photos. The use of dark colours intrigues the viewer to look deeper into detail at the surrealistic photos.

Image result for duane michals

I believe this is influenced by stop motion by the static imagery,  showing sections of still movement articulates how the images would fix together to create a stop motion.  To explain further i made a stop motion of these images, illustrating the movement if it was a static movement. Doing this short video shows how the images click together illustrating what Duane means when he says “catches the moment in a photo to remember.

Looking at Duane’s work i realized he works in a similar style to Eadweard Muybridge, in the way of tonal colour, photography in black and white and also how he uses the process of static imagery to create the effect of movement.


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