looking into animation i researched two different companies that use animation as  advertising.

the first company animation i researched was Honda “Paper”, viewing this video i automatically seen the different in what type of stop motion it is and the process used to create the static  imagery.

in this video i love how Honda shown the hands in the imagery to show how the process was done, by taking a picture every second over movement, keeping the hands in the image made the shop clip more effective.

As they kept the hand movement in the video, proceeded the creators to add sound effect this built up an atmosphere of the movement of the paper and the transport.


the second company i researched was John Lewis, the Christmas advert “bare and the hare” watching the process of the video i could identify the difference between Honda. this video contains more editing skills compared to the Honda,  as the they both use a lot of preparation this John Lewis advert contains practical skills in making props to use in the video, this has more of a 3D view compared to the Honda as it is 2D based with a lot of detailed drawing. even though John Lewis contains drawing you can see the differences in both work.

Listening to the soundtrack of the video it creates emotion to the whole story as the song the chose relates in a sweet way as it is emotional such as the video it’s self.



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