Over all evaluation

I could of read the brief more often to help me understand the project more but did not. This needs to become more of a habit to help understand the project and have a stronger outcome.
in this project i understood what i needed to do alot clearer than the last project as i paid more attention to my work and the task set. I also believe i could of done better by time keeping and doing the task step by step, being more organised. I think when it came to producing a final outcome i set myself enough time to develop ideas and create my final piece but not enough time to do the small task that help me get to the outcome.
I did not understand the Pass,Merit, distinction to the full extent as i didn’t fully identify the brief by looking back to see what was needed.

For primary research i developed my ideas and started to create sample pieces. Also i went to museums, stepped out of my comfort zone to try different techniques. I know i could of done more primary research such as looking in different museums and galleys, researching different objects relevant to my source.

I looked at secondary research such as videos of animation, different artist to get inspiration ect. I feel like i could of done better. But with the research i collected by artist such as Hepworth, Moore helped me design my final outcome by also looking back at the observational drawings in the museum. i tuck photos, searched the web, ask for peoples opinions and views.

I did not read the brief to check my progression. i did notice my progression by updating my blog, creating development and expanding my ideas. As i didn’t read through the brief thoroughly my work isn’t organised in the right units. For each units i knew the criteria but as my lacked time the outcome wasn’t strong enough to proceed.

throughout the project i planned what i wanted to do for my development and research by doing a next step list so i knew what was needed to do. I did primary and secondary research to expand my ideas and techniques, including artist design work. I did meaning annotation for example unit 7 animation ‘life and death’ i experimented with processes and media such as photo-grams, 3D problem solving and wire work. Doing this i created my final outcome using plaster inspired by my observational drawings, Hepworth and Moore research.

I asked for criticism off tutors and other tutors along with help, i could of done better by helping myself by putting more motive into my work. I listened to feedback from tutors and students, i feel the tutor feedback helped a lot more than the students as they understood what i was doing and hat was needed instead of just giving me a basic opinion.

I reviewed and refined my ideas to get my final outcome, doing this i got the best final outcome from the project by manipulating and changing my work.
i understand how to improve my grade by checking through thoroughly to keep the consistency. I annotated my work throughout each section to explain hat is it i have done.

I’m happy with my outcome, it holds great detail in what i was trying to evaluate and develop. But if i had the chance to improve my outcome i would do more plaster work pieces and experiment in the size.

When developing my outcome i looked back on the materials and techniques i used in a task that was set to carry through to my final project.

My lacked time organizing skills, not on my final outcome but for research and development. I believe this is due to my work load, i didn’t do enough at the right time so i needed to catch up.

I understood some processes carried out during the brief but as my time scale was to late i missed parts of the work i should of done. Due to this i recognized success an failures of the project so i’m able to identify what i need to do to achieve next time. Throughout my annotating i tried to use vocational language to explain my development and processes. This brief helped me make conclusions that i will carry through to the next brief such as time scale, development research.

For my presentation i made presentation boards to show my journey of development in a clear form and understanding. unfortunately i did not hand my work in on time due to the time scale and work load. Now i did this i have a clear understanding of time scale and work load to get the grade i ant to work towards. to do this i will look at the brief more often to understand what is needed so i leave nothing out.


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