Life drawing

For this task i did some beautiful life drawings of a nude woman who came into the college.

using different techniques throughout the process i created unique styles of the form and understood the structure of the body and how to draw the formal equally and from different angles.

This task it increased my skills due to working in a way i was new with and not as confidant. Doing so i created beautiful pieces i was really pleased with. i enjoyed the task set and how my development of understanding increased.

these are my designs from the task.

Changing the colour of the chork to create a different effect on the negative space.

For this sketch I use pencil, a reed with ink and a paint brush to create shade on areas of the body.

For this sketched the task set was to do continuous line drawing in graphite with a short amount of time. Looking at the sketch you can see the rushed sharp edges and swerls to create the shape of the curves on the body.  

Same process of the continuous line but with a delicate texture compared to the other process. As you can see I tried to catch the detail of the shade and tone of her body.

For this piece I overlapped the sketches as the process was to draw the structure of the body before the body moves to draw the next stance. This creates flowing movement on the paper. 

This sketch is rather interesting as i was told to do continuous line again, listening to my tutor I heard “draw inside the body” not understanding what she meant by that I did my own interpenetration of “draw whats inside the body. doing this i got a unique and interesting. 

When I started getting use to the structure of the models body I used water colours to create shade. Using the blue came out beautifully, also it gave them effect of warm areas on the body, even though blue is represented as a cold colour it works well as a shade.


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