jenny saville

British painter Jenny Saville makes highly enchanting oil paintings on the natural human body. Jenny works in a sumptuous proportion to give a overwhelming impression.

After Jenny went to Glasgo school of art she did solo exhibitions including Museo d’Arte Contemporanea, Rome (2005); Norton Museum of Art, Florida (2011, traveled to the Museum of Modern Art Oxford England. Saville has her work of display in a variety of museums over the US and Europe.

what i love about jenny’s work is how realistic it is, not incense of her technique of painting or style, how she deceptions of the female and male body in it’s natural form

This example of Jenny’s work illustraits her style of work. This piece named “strategy”  (south face/front face/ north face) is one of my favourite pieces as she painted the model from a down angle to identify the detail of the shape of the woman and shade. In this piece Jenny paints the model how she see’s her, truthfully, what society wouldn’t want to call beauty she paints, which in my opinion makes the piece even more beautiful as its a natural form of a human.


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