After creating my pattern design, I began to look at the placement of where they’ll be set as a repeated pattern has to have an accurate structure to be correct as a design. 

After creating the structure I began to background of my pattern design to make the piece stand out. As the design is already busy I decided to colour the back in a dark pink, blending the colors red, white and black which contrasted beautifully as I used the sponge technique to create a detailed texture instead of having a plain, bland surface. I use the this colour as it clashes well with the theme of the pattern. 

Beginning to edit my pattern design I started to work on the tonal colour and shade of how I was to produce the pattern. Trying to fit a strong pattern in a certain structure. Overall my design is successful with the editing.


Lip stick

Going back to the task of creating pattern I thought the foundation bottles looked rather plan on their own as of the skintone colour and how they’re positioned. Due to this I began to plan and come up with the idea of using another object to put into my Patten task. As I use foundation bottles for imagery I came up with the idea of lipstick to set a them. 

Drawing my lipstick I made the colour tone as bright and bold as possible to make the Patten page stand out more. 

Using water colours I mixed pink and red to create a dark pink tone of lipstick to go with the bright yellow-gold outside as they clashed to create a bold yet bright lipstick. Outlining the image with a black fine liner gives the image more of an unrealistic, cartoon effect which I thought was a good idea as the foundation bottle originally came from an observational painting that is rather realistic. Doing so this gave a mixture of style I can use and interpret into my work. 

Beauty products 

Enjoying the task of using unique materials I did a mix of nail varnish and eyeliner for this sample. 

I started of with background of colour to create a contrast with the thin line of white liner on top of the ‘down town red’ colour nail varnish. This makes the white stand out due to the red. 

As I didn’t the same with the other but using silver I began to draw an eyeliner with an eyeliner to make an obvious appearance what materials I’ve used. 

To experiment more I swapped the colour code over to see the different contrast in colour I’d get to develop the idea and expand my sample testing. Doing so I believe all samples came out well. 

Soy sauce

As the ketchup bottle I wanted to use the same technique but using a different material. As my love for Chinese food I began to create a sample with thick soy sauce as it’s rather a dark colour and has a different texture compared to ketchup. 

In the process of using the material I bagan to realize the different shading that began to appear depending on how much I was using and how diluted it was when I added water.

As using this material I thought I would use the technique of glancing at the object and drawing from memory to make the task more interesting, doing so I was rather intrigued with the outcome as the bottle is beautifully painted, the shame is rather short as the soy bottle was a long build. 

As the substance turned out rather sticky when it tried it created another pattern on the page it stuck to. At first I was going to cover what it caused but looking into the accident I like the outcome of a faint yet dark and thick print of the bottle as it still shows the form clear enough to know what it is. 

Ketchup bottle 

As one of my task was to create an image using unique media, I decided create a ketchup bottle made from ketchup. I thought this idea was rather unique and creative as it’s something I’ve never done before. 

Using the material I realized it was more difficult than I thought as it has a thick texture but light tone. Creating the right structure and shade wasn’t easy as the thick substance clumped together making it hard to paint with. 

Eventhough the sample lacks detail I enjoyed the development as it had an interesting alternative to create imagery using unique media. 

If I do this task again with the same media I will concentrate more on the line and size the object to correct my mistake of a small undetailed image.

Today’s task

Today I created a pattern using the observational painting of the foundation bottle. Photocopying the painting multiple times I created a pattern for the tactile project.

As the task is to create a pattern I had to use the accurate measurements to make sure the repeat goes well. 

First measurement.


Second measurement 

Third measurement 

Fourth measurement

I decided to test the samples by setting them at an angle 

Guitar painting 

I’m not impressed with my guitar painting as it lacks detail and shade. Even though I used the control light it didn’t have that much if an effect on then object due to it’s size. I think I struggled on the colour tone and blending technique as it didn’t come out as well as I wanted. 

Due to this experience of this task I think next time I need to spend more time on the painting and detail to avoid the lack of an unrealistic painting as I know I can do better.