evaluation unit 4,5,6


Decaying flower

Created with Stop Motion Studio, I began taking pictures of my flower once every two days, showing the effect of the flowers slowly dying. For the experiment I had taken the picture for three weeks to show the development of decay 

Eadweard Muybridge.

English photographer Eadweard Muybridge was a pioneer in photography and motion during the late 1800’s.

Eadweard created the zoopraxiscope a process of projecting animated versions of his photographs as short moving sequences which creates a cinematic theater that developed history of cinema.

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looking at the photography of Eadweard Muybridge you can see the evolution of the camera and how far it has come. in 1950’s Muybridge pushed the creation of the camera presenting films. static imagery in movement, of animals and humans.

Looking at the movement of his work it reminds me of Duane Michals due to the black and white antique imagery, the way the photographs are placed to indicate the understanding of how they move due to the structure of the object, animal or person.

this one is rather interesting to me as i like the change of the person. As shes a bigger shape than the other people he worked with i can imagine the movement of the body, how she would walk and the way her body moves.

Image result for eadweard muybridge walking


Bruce Nauman

Born 1940’s Bruce Nauman is an American artist who’s practice broadens in photography, sculpture, neon and video making.

As Bruce works in 3D form as well as video you can see the change of style depending on what media he uses. Although his style may change he always articulates meaningful pieces of work.

Looking at his neon pieces i love how he uses erotic poses, sexual body parts and aggressive stances to construct the audience, making them wonder why he did it, the purpose of the work.

from the exhibition sex, death by murder and suicide in 1985 Bruce created this neon light of static imagery. As the images seen is rather inappropriate i like how he interpreter’s movement into the neon lights to create more of an effective image. This involves animation just like Duane Michals work, as Duane uses darker shades such as grays, black and white, Bruce uses colour on a black background to make the piece stand out, more of an eye catching, vivid imagery.

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This video of his exhibition gives you an incite of the images in movement. Watching this video made me think of why he made this exhibition and what inspired him. Using colours such as red, green blues and pink gave me the impression it represents the emotion of the work. As colours can interpret emotion they fit well with the exhibition “sex, death by murder and suicide”.


One piece that intrigued me by Bruce is the “words don’t come easily”  looking at this piece it put his work into perspective, real events, emotions and situations of life, in a negative and positive way.

Nauman met the singer and performance artist Meredith Monk in 1968. Description from nhucao1990.blogspot.com. I searched for this on bing.com/images:


Duane Michals

born in 1930’s  American photographer Duane Michals creates narratives within a series, blending image with text in a format similar to cinematic sequences. Duane uses photographs to explain his self experiences, catches the moment in a photo to remember the experience in personal depth.  His first solo exhibition was held at The Museum of Modern Art in New York, in 1970.

i love how Duane uses photography to explain a situation. Looking at  The Fallen Angel made it 1968 is really emotionally effective, clearly seeing the story illustrated makes the audience think in depth about the story behind the photos. The use of dark colours intrigues the viewer to look deeper into detail at the surrealistic photos.

Image result for duane michals

I believe this is influenced by stop motion by the static imagery,  showing sections of still movement articulates how the images would fix together to create a stop motion.  To explain further i made a stop motion of these images, illustrating the movement if it was a static movement. Doing this short video shows how the images click together illustrating what Duane means when he says “catches the moment in a photo to remember.

Looking at Duane’s work i realized he works in a similar style to Eadweard Muybridge, in the way of tonal colour, photography in black and white and also how he uses the process of static imagery to create the effect of movement.


looking into animation i researched two different companies that use animation as  advertising.

the first company animation i researched was Honda “Paper”, viewing this video i automatically seen the different in what type of stop motion it is and the process used to create the static  imagery.

in this video i love how Honda shown the hands in the imagery to show how the process was done, by taking a picture every second over movement, keeping the hands in the image made the shop clip more effective.

As they kept the hand movement in the video, proceeded the creators to add sound effect this built up an atmosphere of the movement of the paper and the transport.


the second company i researched was John Lewis, the Christmas advert “bare and the hare” watching the process of the video i could identify the difference between Honda. this video contains more editing skills compared to the Honda,  as the they both use a lot of preparation this John Lewis advert contains practical skills in making props to use in the video, this has more of a 3D view compared to the Honda as it is 2D based with a lot of detailed drawing. even though John Lewis contains drawing you can see the differences in both work.

Listening to the soundtrack of the video it creates emotion to the whole story as the song the chose relates in a sweet way as it is emotional such as the video it’s self.


Sam Taylor

Sam Taylor, English filmmaker, photographer and visual artist. Sam’s work caught my eye when i saw the stop motion animation of the dead hare called ‘Little Death’. this video is really interesting to watch as she takes daily photos of the decaying hare, showing the change of decay throughout the film.

The making of this animation Sam explains the process of the still life and the decaying.  She explains how the hare is a symbol of life and virility.

“The deathly heavy scenario came to life again, and then it evolved into a sort of slasher horror film version of Still Life. A Little Death was more violent. Still Life conveyed a grace in the decay but with A Little Death it was not only violent, but shockingly violent. The feeling of the transformation of life into death repeating itself over and over is so frightful.”